About Us

We are an all-volunteer Florida not-for-profit 501(c)3 private corporation based in Miami, Florida. We are dedicated to providing year-round support and guidance to enrich the lives of children, teens and young adults in the Miami-Dade County's foster care program, though a sponsorship program. 

Since March of 1999 we have worked very closely with foster parents to develop a program designed to address the children's unique needs and challenges and to help promote their over-all well being. 

Our objective is to help create a home environment that encourages and supports educational excellence and the development of a confident, wining attitude with an attainable vision of the future.  

Through the years we have provided hundreds of children with material assistance, tutoring, mentoring, fun activities and celebrations, and have helped them in countless other meaningful ways.  

We also provide assistance to those that have aged out of the program, many with babies and little education, as they learn to live independently. 

Some of these young adults have found themselves incarcerated, with no one to help them. We also offer them much-needed support and mentoring.

We welcome donations of time, talents and treasure, which will directly benefit the families we serve.  We also welcome your prayers.

For more details of the different goods and services you can help us provide for our children, please visit our donations page, or you may 
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We are an all-volunteer ministry. Your tax deductible donations will not go to pay for anyone's salary or personal expenses.

All of the goods and money we receive go directly to provide much needed year-round support to the children and young adults we serve. 

With your help we can continue to shine a little light in the lives of our children, who very much appreciate your kindness. 
Please help us sponsor children in our community.
Our Mission

To be effective advocates on behalf of children, teens and young adults raised in the Miami-Dade County foster care program. 

To enrich their lives year-round through our sponsorship program. 

To offer material, educational, recreational, emotional, and spiritual support, made possible through the loving distribution of donated goods and volunteer resources.

To offer support, guidance and encouragement to help our young adults meet the challenges of independent living. 

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 children a brighter future.
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